Day #011 – Getting to know EBG

Today in the morning, myself and Dr Laili was introduced with Mr. Amir, who is part of the Huawei Malaysia Enterprise Business Group. He explained the structure of EBG and works in which subdivision of the group.

Discussion with Mr. Amir on the functions and organization of the EBG

Later after lunch, we received a set of guests from Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) that visited the CSIC. We sat in throughout the session of their briefing in an attempt to understand both Huawei and FMM. It was evident that companies (including SMEs) are all looking forward for opportunities to kickstart/develop I4.0 in their respective organizations. However, some of them are hampered by certain limitations (including technical and financial ones).

CSIC visit by Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers
Ongoing tour…
Briefing at the mission control room. Fascinating!

Day #010 – Tracking News Articles

The Huawei Malaysia Seeds for the Future 2018 flag off event yesterday was a great success. The news about the event got published in various digital and print media. Hence, as soon as I arrived in the office, we started finding articles from the various media for our record purposes.

Found some articles!

The later part of the day, I was tasked to understand and prepare a profile about an organization of interest for Huawei. Unfortunately, due to lack of information online, I was not able to complete the task by end of business today.

Day #009 – Huawei Malaysia Seeds for the Future 2018 Flag Off

I drove to Putrajaya from home and reached there by 9am. Waited for Dr Laili and Simon to arrive and we had our breakfast together in one of their cafeteria with some of the Seeds Winners.

This is followed by a series of technical setup and testing and rehearsals for the flag off event. It was hectic with many last minute changes. The YBM Dr. Maszlee Malik arrived at our event around 1.40pm and the event was started off immediately.

A close view shot of the Minister giving his speech
A group photo with our CEO

A close view shot of the Minister giving his speech

Around 3pm+, the event ended. We adjourned to a different room to brief the participants on what to expect and prepare for their upcoming trip to Beijing and Shenzhen. The briefing session lasted until around 5.15pm.

Dato’ Simon briefing the students during the orientation ceremony
Prof Arham with the students, Simon and Pn Shafika after the end of the orientation sesssion

Myself and Dr. Laili left home and met at PJ to take LRT from the Kerinchi station to head to Hotel Royale Chulan for the CSM-ACE gala dinner. Huawei is receiving an award during the Gala Dinner.

Once again, the trip back from Putrajaya was hampered by heavy rain throughout my trip in the MEX. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, there was a delay of around 30 minutes after we got down from our LRT in KLCC Station. Then, as myself and Dr. Laili was rushing for the Gala Dinner, we got ourselves a cab to the venue.

Award received by Huawei
Group photo with Mr. Mika, VP Cyber Security, Huawei with the awards received

We saw Mr. Mika receiving the award of “Cyber Security Innovation of the Year (Product)” on behalf of Huawei. Then we had our dinner and followed by a long networking session among attendees. At the end of the event, I was extremely tired… and Dato’ helped to drop us both in Kerinchi (to pick up the car) and me at my home.

Day #008 – CSM-ACE 2018

My day started early with preparation and submission of my China visa application (attending the SFTF2018 closing ceremony in Shenzhen, China end of this month). After which, I was focusing on finalizing on some technical setup for tomorrow’s flag-off event.

Around 1pm, we left to Hotel Royale Chulan to have our lunch and followed by the launching ceremony of the CSM-ACE 2018, for which, Huawei is also a Sponsor. The VP of Huawei’s Cyber Security and Privacy, Mr Mika Lauhde was also present to deliver his keynote speech. Met him and had a very fruitful set of discussion during lunch (and after the ceremony).

Managed to get a front seat before the event started
The Huawei team also managed to get front-row seats
Opening speech by the Deputy Minister

At about 5.30pm, we decided to return to office, but alas, no Grab was available for us. Hence, we decided to walk to KLCC before getting a Grab from there. However, upon reaching there, we still couldn’t get a Grab. That’s a clear indicator of how bad the traffic was. Hence, we decided to walk our way all the way to our office from KLCC.

After reaching to office, we continued to prepare for our flag-off event. Stayed up until 11pm, and made sure everything we needed for tomorrow, is loaded up onto Dato’s car. He offered to send me back home since it was late. It was indeed very nice of him to offer that.

Day #007 – Meeting USM BJIM

I had to stay back after the weekend to attend a meeting between the USM BJIM department and us, the USM CFP2.0 Cycle 2 fellows.

We got introduced Assoc. Prof Dr. Yeoh Fei Yee, the BJIM director and his team. He shared with us the expectations of the university from us for this program. We also took this opportunity to share our concerns and our suggestions in regards with this program with BJIM.

After the meeting, settled some formalities at the department and left to KL.

Insider view of the meeting that took place at BJIM, USM

Day #005 and Day #006 – Educator 4.0

This weekend is preoccupied with a two-day workshop on Educator 4.0. This workshop was organized by CDAE, USM but the instructors were from UKM. The workshop is a KPM initiative aimed at creating at least 400 lecturers that are ready as an e/Educator 4.0

We were exposed to loads and loads of tools and skills for embracing Education 4.0. Met many like-minded people in the workshop and was glad that I actually made it for the workshop.

Group photo of the participants and the instructors

After the workshop on Saturday, I also went on to meet a few of my students for following up on the current progress. That was a tiring day indeed (Saturday).

Day #004 – Huawei Customer Service Innovation Center (CSIC)

Today around 9.30am, Dato’ brought us to Huawei CSIC for a tour. We were received by Mr. Robert who brought us around the CSIC and explained the different showcase items, success stories and products of Huawei around the globe. I have to say, it was very impressive! We spent more than 2 hours there and had to leave CSIC as another group (external) were moving in for their tour. Definitely would come in again and go through the different showcase items one by one.

First visit to CSIC

This was followed by lunch at the Food court. After lunch, I was working on preparing my weekly reports. At about 5pm, all the department members gathered around their main pantry area (for the 32nd floor).

Huawei has a tradition of celebrating birthdays of its employees. Every month, one small makan-makan session with a cake would be organized to celebrate all those born in the month of the celebration. Today, it was September babies!

I was given the opportunity to host (read: emcee) the event. Guess what, Dr Laili is also one of the September babies! So, after introducing the employees that had/having their birthday in the month, I welcomes all to have their food. Today was also extra special as the department decided to celebrate the mid-autumn festival as well. Hence, the food was more themed for the festival (except the cake of course).

Dr Laili celebrated her birthday with the rest of the September babies at the department
Group photo with the September babies

We had baby-Taro, Pamelos, and Buffalo Wings. They were more like finger foods. Got to mingle a bit with some of the employees there during the celebration session.

After the celebration, I got onto the LRT and headed to KL Sentral. Met Prevy there and left to Penang for the weekend.

Day #003 – Residensi UTMKL Launching

Today, we attended the opening ceremony of Residensi UTMKL in the morning. This event was officiated by no other than PM Tun M. Was a hilarious talk (once again), where he eloquently put his words on the topic at hand; education and the Look East Policy v2.0.

Posing before the launching ceremony begins

I also managed to meet other CFP2.0 folks from Ericsson. They were there to present some of their innovations and products. Was an interesting discussion with the Ericsson folks. They have some IoT based solutions that are both simple but effective. Hope to collaborate with them in the future.

Wefie with the CFP folks at Ericsson Malaysia

Also managed to meet Dr Normy (Mc Donalds) in the event. It was kinda like a mini reunion for the fellows 😂

Photo with Dr Normy (Mc Donalds)

After the ceremony ended, the Huawei team met with Puan Shafika (BHI-KPM) to iron out final issues pertaining the SFTF 2018 flag off event, which is scheduled next week.

Group discussion with Pn. Shafika (MOE) on the Seeds for the Future Flag Off Ceremony

There was a telco arranged with Huawei HQ where the deputy minister of MITI YB Ong would join from Shenzhen, China (Part of his working trip there) at about 3pm. However, the meeting was cancelled later on. Hence, the remaining part of the day was spent on filing some documents for Visa application to China.

Day #002 – Getting to know Huawei

The second day started off with me continuing the remaining tasks for the Huawei Malaysia Seeds for the Future 2018 tasks. I had to work on preparing a draft for the CEO as well as a Press Release. That was a first for me….

Besides that, we were brought around to get introduced to several key personnel in other departments; namely the HR and the Legal department. We had a relatively long chat with the HR director. The visit to the Legal department was really cool. The team was very warm and seemed happy to be introduced to us. Unfortunately, knowing myself… I cant register all of their names (as of yet). Will try to work on this 😛

Discussion session with Mr. Zhu Rui (Director HR Regional Talent Acquisition Department)
Group picture with the legal team

Day #001 – Reporting Duty

I reported at Level 32 of the Integra Tower, The Intermark around 8.30am where Huawei Malaysia’s HR office is located. Immediately after going through some formalities, was sent to join the first day briefing along with other new Huawei hires.

Onboarders Briefing by HR

That’s me during the first day briefing.

Day 1 was pretty interesting. After sorting out assets issued for me and having lunch at the Intermark, I sent my notebook to the IT department to get it reconfigured for me, i.e., reformatting and access controls. I was told that it would take around two hours to get this sorted out. Meanwhile, Mr. Simon Ng a.k.a. the Dato’ (the contact person for the CEO@Faculty 2.0 Programme for Huawei-BHI) was attending the CEPSI 2018 conference in KLCC. He asked me to join to observe and learn how Huawei sets up booth for exhibitions and displays its technologies for the visitors.

Being briefed by an exhibitor at the Huawei’s Booth in CEPSI 2018

Speaking to an employee of Huawei on some of the cool technologies Huawei has to offer for potential clients/users.

Since I had to hours to kill, I decided to join Dato’ @ CEPSI 2018. Luckily, by the time I arrived, it was just in time for the plenary speech by our beloved PM Tun M (Dr. Laili from UM, another fellow from the CEO@Faculty program who is attached at Huawei, was also present despite she being not well on that day).

From left: Myself, Dr Laili, and Mr Simon at CEPSI2018

Man.. it was an impressive speech delivered by him. The points, the eloquence, the sharpness…and most importantly.. the ability to link his prior knowledge with the current trends… can only come from a person who reads A LOT (yes.. it has to be in caps!). After his talk, managed to sneak into a picture taken by Dato’ (see left-most).

Myself and Dato’ reached office back around 5-ish. Got back my notebook and sat at my station. I was given the first task of drafting a speech for the Minister of Education for our upcoming event (Huawei Malaysia Seeds for the Future 2018 Flag Off Programme). I spent working on an existing draft until around 8.30pm. After submitting the draft, we went for dinner and parted away around 9-ish.

So yeah, first day at work, was a very looooong day indeed. But hey, it happens!