Day #023 – HC and PR Luncheon Session

Today is the first day of the Huawei Connect (HC) 2018 that took place in Shanghai, China. I watched the opening ceremony (streaming though :P) in the morning after reaching the office. This year’s theme is AI=Activate Intelligence. There talented speakers shared some of the visions Huawei has for the upcoming years as well as how their organizations and products aligned up for it. 

Huawei Connect 2018 Live Streaming

Besides that, representatives from both cycles of the CFP 2.0 went on air with the RTM1 Selamat Pagi Malaysia show. In the 10 minutes airtime that we received, some basic question and answers on the program was exchanged. This was when the program’s new name: Academic Industry (AI) Exchange (AIXchange)  rebranding name was introduced 🙂

Dr Ros and Dr Hafiz in the studio!

This is the recording of the 10-minute slot in the Selamat Pagi Malaysia show

The later part of the morning session was spent trying to understand the art of being part of a PR department. I was going through their e-learning portal called iLearning to go through some online courses (havent completed them though!).

Some key take home messages that I have gotten thus far is, when engaging the media; 1) Be truthful (media can sniff you out if you are hiding something!) 2) Strike balance between the good/bad stuffs shared to them (not only positive stuffs) and 3) Continuously engaging with them (meaning, need to make sure they know/feel you are a good PR manager to talk to).

Today, the entire PR team (except Mengbo, who is in Shangai for HC 2018) went out for a Team Lunch session at the Colonial Restaurant (Ground Floor of Intermark Mall). It was a nice set of meals picked up by Ms Vicky, and we enjoyed chatting away while having lunch. 

Luncheon with the PR team

At 2.30pm, we had our PR Team Meeting (which should have been held on Monday itself) in a meeting room. Each member of the team updated their progress so far to the rest of us. Finally, I presented the company profiles that I have prepared alongside Simon in the past two weeks.

After the meeting, I rushed to get the train to Putrajaya as we are having a meeting at BHI Office (On the CFP CSR projects). Reached there by 6.40pm and started off by eating the fried chickens sponsored by Dr Shangeetha 😛 Then, it was followed on by a meeting discussing some arising matters on the way forward. After that was clear, we parted away around 9-ish from there.

CSR main committee meeting in progress

I reached home, and started looking for rooms/house for rental around PJ. Man, I was so frustrated in the searching process. Allow me to write on it as a different post. 


  1. The group/team members should have a view of the progress/activities of each other. This can be done in the form of a collaborative spreadsheet, i.e., MS Excel on shared drives.
  2. National policies and roadmaps evolves. They need to be observed closely, and one should be able to react to changes as soon as possible (to remain relevant). This includes any adhoc announcements made by members of the Government.
  3. Don’t ever burn bridges. Your current/previous contacts could be helpful in your future career/job/company.
  4. Bring allies/friend faces for new engagements. This would not only boost your confidence, but also that of your engaging partner.


  • Investigate/read on concerns of parties on sharing data. 
  • Understand what are the needs of the HW business groups. Then, work towards profiling a company based on it. This way, you get to highlight the relevant information for HW, as well as understanding how/what HW operates.

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