Day #022 – Offical USM Announcement has arrived!

Today, while we were in the midst of writing up the report, we received the information that our official announcement banner has been printed and published! Tadaaa!  Thank you BJIM, MPRC and USM 🙂

Thanks to Stefano Romano for the group pic!
Official banner prepared by MPRC, USM

The later part of the day, we joined in a CSIC briefing session that was held for the visitors from InvestKL.  Rita was the host. To my suprise, there was a different way of presenting the exhibitions today! I guess this is how they tailor the experience of CSIC based on the interests of the visitors (and/or their group/company). I have indeed discovered more information about the demos and exhibitions that are hosted at CSIC.Visitors from InvestKL being briefed at CSIC

I shall go and explore them by myself one of these days in order to be familiar with their technologies and showcase case studies. Later, after work, I went to Kinokuniya KLCC to retrieve the Billion Dollar Whale book which was meant for myself as well as Dr Mas :).

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