Day #019 and #020 – Hunting Time!

This weekend was rather tiring for both of us. We had to spend the time to look for rooms/units for rent around KL/PJ/Subang Jaya. Then we visited several units on both days around Subang Jaya area. While some of the units were nice… we had a few concerns, mainly on whether we will be able to rent out a room or not. Failing which, the risk of having to pay more than what we are paying now, would fall on us again..

In the process of being busy over this weekend, I had to skip the meeting I have scheduled with Dr. Shangeetha πŸ™ Sorry, gotta make up for it. Anyways, me and my wife decided to go for a Tamil movie called 96′. This movie by Vijay Sethupathi was really different that most movies that I have enjoyed. There were moments where my childhood memories were rekindled, and there were moments I trully felt touched on some of the scenes of the movie. I have to thank my wife who insisted we go for this movie. At that point in time, I havent even heard of that movie name.

Image result for 96 movie
96′ by Vijay Sethupathi and TrishaΒ 

While writing up this post, I activated a beta-version editor functionality of WordPress, called Gutenberg. I felt very comfortable using it, as it has very close similarity with Markdown language interface that I am quite used to. Feels much better in writing my posts now. You guys should try it out too πŸ™‚

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