Day #018 – Data is King!

Today, I attended a briefing session to the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development (MED) along with representatives of SMECorp. Rita and Hazwan from Huawei also attended the event, as well as Dr Farhan from UTM (CFP 2.0 C1 fellow attached with Huawei).Group photo with Dr Farhan and Mr Hazwan after the meeting at the lobby of MED

Key points taken from the meeting are:

  • Social media engagement is inevitable in all industries across the globe
  • Data management is crucial as it would be the key point of future businesses

I also noticed that in the past few meetings, many have highlighted the importance of data towards progression of an organization. I trully agree with their opinions and hoping that more local graduates could take heed of this point and reallign their focus on what is important for both them and the country.

At about 11am, I received a message from Simon stating that our CEO, Mr Baker Zhou wants to meet us in the afternoon (the first time since I came into the office). After the meeting, drove back to Asia Jaya station and then got the LRT back to office. Upon arrival to the office, met Prof. Arham and 
Dato’ Dr. Mohd Hafiz Yusoff that came as part as the team from UniSZA to visit Huawei Malaysia’s CSIC. They were later joined by another two members of the university for the tour that started around 3pm.

At about 4pm, I came in and met the CEO. I had about 30 minutes of discussion session with him in trying to understand him, the company, his expectations as well as mine. After talking to him, I found him as a person that is very intellectual, forward thinking as well as being a visionary person. I am trully excited to be under his mentorship for the next five months or so.


  1. Always take the extra mile to convince the stakeholders. Let it be in preparation of the talk/presentation or impromptu doubts/questions during the meeting. 
  2. MED has its own deparments that are incharged for capacity building. Universities could try to engage them to provide additional support to fortify and improve the SME/Startups competitiveness

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