Day #017 – GST vs SST

Since last week, I have started a habit of listening to Blinkist’s free blinks of the day. Basically Blinkist is an app that summarizes books in what they call blinks. You have the option of listening or reading the blinks. Since I commute to work using LRT, I started listening to the blinks of the day. Each day a free blink is provided, and they last usually around 20 minutes. That is also the duration of my trip to Ampang Park from Universiti Station. One of the blinks from yesterday mentioned that we should try to optimize our day, and this is mainly doable in the morning (if you plan well!). Hence, today onwards, I will want to try this, to do more within a day/week/month/year. Let’s see 🙂

Today, after coming to work in the morning, worked on responding to some emails, my own students, and some of my university activities that are pending my responses. Man… its difficult to juggle both. Anyways, around 10.40pm, Dato’ brought us to meet a person from the Finance department, Mr. Jeat. Mr. Jeat was a former consultant in a famous firm for 8 years before deciding to join Huawei a couple of months back. Since he is a tax-expert, he was sharing his insights on GST vs SST, and its implications to Huawei.

Ongoing discussion with Mr. Jeat

During the sharing session, managed to understand the perspective that is often taken by consultants and those taken by the (tax) managers in companies. According to him, Huawei takes the reports of the consultants seriously and ensure that compliance is met in all aspect of the their activity, e.g., tax-related.

A conclusion to the question of how GST vs SST affecting the company: Both doesnt affect Huawei much as they are a Service Provider rather than a Manufacturer. But, the difference lies in the effort to handle GST vs SST. GST would be a bit more complicated and requires more effort to handle, compared to its replacement, SST.

After lunch, I continued working on my reports and writing this blog.

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