Day #015 – Visiting MIDA@KL Sentral

Today, Huawei received an invitation to join the “Industry Outlook and Human Capital Requirements Within The Electrical and Electronics Sector” Interim Report presentation session as a panel. Ms. Rita from the PR department invited both myself and Dr. Laili to hop in and see if we can contribute in the discussion sessions as well as understand what is happening within the E&E sector.

We were there quite early, but the event was scheduled to start around 10.30. Mr. S. Sivasuriyamoorthy (MIDA) chaired the event where a consulting company called IPSOS presented their study results. It was a rather interesting presentation where I have managed to obtain several keypoints to take note.

Discussion between Mr. Siva and the consultants


  1. Vacancies are typically more towards the end of Q1 of a year (at least relevant to the E&E sector).
  2. Soft skills are lacking amongst the graduates. (Note: Gotta ensure this is addressed somehow!)
  3. ~20% of companies have not started with any form of automation. Why? Cost? Failure to find partners?
From left: Myself, Mr. Siva, Dr. Laili, and Ms. Rita

In the afternoon session, I was replying to some emails as well as getting some pending tasks done.

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