Day #014 – 1st Meeting with the PR team

The PR team had its first monthly meeting (attended by me) today. Four out of their five members attended the meeting where we both joined in as well. The venue of the meeting was in the San Francisco Coffee, Intermark Mall. When asked why is the meeting not done in the meeting rooms, the head, Ms. Vicky informed that they use the meeting rooms when they really have to use to present something. Otherwise, such monthly meetings within the PR department is held in some coffee shops. According to her, in a way, choosing such a location for their monthly meeting enables team bonding moments.

Points of the Day (POTD:)

  1. Integration or importance of team (or subordinates) invested in everything you do, as a leader
  2. Make it a point to remember key persons and memorize them. This improves your networking and interpersonal skills
  3. Remember that press releases are usually prepared upfront and often released immediately after the event (or at most a day after) to ensure quick dissemination of news of the event that took place
  4. Social Media Managers are a position that is sought after by many companies!
  5. When organizing an event, check on no-gift policies. You dont want to be in awkward situations would you?
  6. Huawei has been in the forefront in helping the government and the industries to progress by sharing their knowledge and expertise in policy making as well as knowledge transfer.

The remainder of the day, was spent writing progress reports.

(Re)Development of former Ampang Park Mall

Also, while going back home, I was looking at the demolition works of the famous Ampang Park mall. I remember eating in the McDonald restaurant at the side of it. Well, now all remains as memories only…

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