Day #023 – HC and PR Luncheon Session

Today is the first day of the Huawei Connect (HC) 2018 that took place in Shanghai, China. I watched the opening ceremony (streaming though :P) in the morning after reaching the office. This year’s theme is AI=Activate Intelligence. There talented speakers shared some of the visions Huawei has for the upcoming years as well as how their organizations and products aligned up for it.ย 

Huawei Connect 2018 Live Streaming

Besides that, representatives from both cycles of the CFP 2.0 went on air with the RTM1 Selamat Pagi Malaysia show. In the 10 minutes airtime that we received, some basic question and answers on the program was exchanged. This was when the program’s new name: Academic Industry (AI) Exchange (AIXchange)ย  rebranding name was introduced ๐Ÿ™‚

Dr Ros and Dr Hafiz in the studio!

This is the recording of the 10-minute slot in the Selamat Pagi Malaysia show

The later part of the morning session was spent trying to understand the art of being part of a PR department. I was going through their e-learning portal called iLearning to go through some online courses (havent completed them though!).

Some key take home messages that I have gotten thus far is, when engaging the media; 1) Be truthful (media can sniff you out if you are hiding something!) 2) Strike balance between the good/bad stuffs shared to them (not only positive stuffs) and 3) Continuously engaging with them (meaning, need to make sure they know/feel you are a good PR manager to talk to).

Today, the entire PR team (except Mengbo, who is in Shangai for HC 2018) went out for a Team Lunch session at the Colonial Restaurant (Ground Floor of Intermark Mall). It was a nice set of meals picked up by Ms Vicky, and we enjoyed chatting away while having lunch.ย 

Luncheon with the PR team

At 2.30pm, we had our PR Team Meeting (which should have been held on Monday itself) in a meeting room. Each member of the team updated their progress so far to the rest of us. Finally, I presented the company profiles that I have prepared alongside Simon in the past two weeks.

After the meeting, I rushed to get the train to Putrajaya as we are having a meeting at BHI Office (On the CFP CSR projects). Reached there by 6.40pm and started off by eating the fried chickens sponsored by Dr Shangeetha ๐Ÿ˜› Then, it was followed on by a meeting discussing some arising matters on the way forward. After that was clear, we parted away around 9-ish from there.

CSR main committee meeting in progress

I reached home, and started looking for rooms/house for rental around PJ. Man, I was so frustrated in the searching process. Allow me to write on it as a different post.ย 


  1. The group/team members should have a view of the progress/activities of each other. This can be done in the form of a collaborative spreadsheet, i.e., MS Excel on shared drives.
  2. National policies and roadmaps evolves. They need to be observed closely, and one should be able to react to changes as soon as possible (to remain relevant). This includes any adhoc announcements made by members of the Government.
  3. Don’t ever burn bridges. Your current/previous contacts could be helpful in your future career/job/company.
  4. Bring allies/friend faces for new engagements. This would not only boost your confidence, but also that of your engaging partner.


  • Investigate/read on concerns of parties on sharing data.ย 
  • Understand what are the needs of the HW business groups. Then, work towards profiling a company based on it. This way, you get to highlight the relevant information for HW, as well as understanding how/what HW operates.

Day #022 – Offical USM Announcement has arrived!

Today, while we were in the midst of writing up the report, we received the information that our official announcement banner has been printed and published! Tadaaa!ย  Thank you BJIM, MPRC and USM ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks to Stefano Romano for the group pic!
Official banner prepared by MPRC, USM

The later part of the day, we joined in a CSIC briefing session that was held for the visitors from InvestKL.ย  Rita was the host. To my suprise, there was a different way of presenting the exhibitions today! I guess this is how they tailor the experience of CSIC based on the interests of the visitors (and/or their group/company). I have indeed discovered more information about the demos and exhibitions that are hosted at CSIC.Visitors from InvestKL being briefed at CSIC

I shall go and explore them by myself one of these days in order to be familiar with their technologies and showcase case studies. Later, after work, I went to Kinokuniya KLCC to retrieve the Billion Dollar Whale book which was meant for myself as well as Dr Mas :).

Day #021 – Profilling Companies

Today was pretty much one of the odd days where we did not have any special activities. I spent the day replying emails, as well as continuing profiling some agencies/organizations that were of interest to Huawei.

The profiling is done using a simple Powerpoint template that can be used by anyone to quickly refer to understand how a particular organization or agency operates, whom to contact, and what are their major events/activities.

While walking back home, I stopped by to check on the current progress of the redevelopment of the Ampang Park Mall (its pretty fast if you ask me, their progress since the previous post on this!).

Redevelopment progress of the former Ampang Park Mall

Day #019 and #020 โ€“ Hunting Time!

This weekend was rather tiring for both of us. We had to spend the time to look for rooms/units for rent around KL/PJ/Subang Jaya. Then we visited several units on both days around Subang Jaya area. While some of the units were nice… we had a few concerns, mainly on whether we will be able to rent out a room or not. Failing which, the risk of having to pay more than what we are paying now, would fall on us again..

In the process of being busy over this weekend, I had to skip the meeting I have scheduled with Dr. Shangeetha ๐Ÿ™ Sorry, gotta make up for it. Anyways, me and my wife decided to go for a Tamil movie called 96′. This movie by Vijay Sethupathi was really different that most movies that I have enjoyed. There were moments where my childhood memories were rekindled, and there were moments I trully felt touched on some of the scenes of the movie. I have to thank my wife who insisted we go for this movie. At that point in time, I havent even heard of that movie name.

Image result for 96 movie
96′ by Vijay Sethupathi and Trishaย 

While writing up this post, I activated a beta-version editor functionality of WordPress, called Gutenberg. I felt very comfortable using it, as it has very close similarity with Markdown language interface that I am quite used to. Feels much better in writing my posts now. You guys should try it out too ๐Ÿ™‚

Day #018 โ€“ Data is King!

Today, I attended a briefing session to the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development (MED) along with representatives of SMECorp. Rita and Hazwan from Huawei also attended the event, as well as Dr Farhan from UTM (CFP 2.0 C1 fellow attached with Huawei).Group photo with Dr Farhan and Mr Hazwan after the meeting at the lobby of MED

Key points taken from the meeting are:

  • Social media engagement is inevitable in all industries across the globe
  • Data management is crucial as it would be the key point of future businesses

I also noticed that in the past few meetings, many have highlighted the importance of data towards progression of an organization. I trully agree with their opinions and hoping that more local graduates could take heed of this point and reallign their focus on what is important for both them and the country.

At about 11am, I received a message from Simon stating that our CEO, Mr Baker Zhou wants to meet us in the afternoon (the first time since I came into the office). After the meeting, drove back to Asia Jaya station and then got the LRT back to office. Upon arrival to the office, met Prof. Arham andย 
Datoโ€™ Dr. Mohd Hafiz Yusoff that came as part as the team from UniSZA to visit Huawei Malaysia’s CSIC. They were later joined by another two members of the university for the tour that started around 3pm.

At about 4pm, I came in and met the CEO. I had about 30 minutes of discussion session with him in trying to understand him, the company, his expectations as well as mine. After talking to him, I found him as a person that is very intellectual, forward thinking as well as being a visionary person. I am trully excited to be under his mentorship for the next five months or so.


  1. Always take the extra mile to convince the stakeholders. Let it be in preparation of the talk/presentation or impromptu doubts/questions during the meeting.ย 
  2. MED has its own deparments that are incharged for capacity building. Universities could try to engage them to provide additional support to fortify and improve the SME/Startups competitiveness

Day #017 – GST vs SST

Since last week, I have started a habit of listening to Blinkist’s free blinks of the day. Basically Blinkist is an app that summarizes books in what they call blinks. You have the option of listening or reading the blinks. Since I commute to work using LRT, I started listening to the blinks of the day. Each day a free blink is provided, and they last usually around 20 minutes. That is also the duration of my trip to Ampang Park from Universiti Station. One of the blinks from yesterday mentioned that we should try to optimize our day, and this is mainly doable in the morning (if you plan well!). Hence, today onwards, I will want to try this, to do more within a day/week/month/year. Let’s see ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, after coming to work in the morning, worked on responding to some emails, my own students, and some of my university activities that are pending my responses. Man… its difficult to juggle both. Anyways, around 10.40pm, Dato’ brought us to meet a person from the Finance department, Mr. Jeat. Mr. Jeat was a former consultant in a famous firm for 8 years before deciding to join Huawei a couple of months back. Since he is a tax-expert, he was sharing his insights on GST vs SST, and its implications to Huawei.

Ongoing discussion with Mr. Jeat

During the sharing session, managed to understand the perspective that is often taken by consultants and those taken by the (tax) managers in companies. According to him, Huawei takes the reports of the consultants seriously and ensure that compliance is met in all aspect of the their activity, e.g., tax-related.

A conclusion to the question of how GST vs SST affecting the company: Both doesnt affect Huawei much as they are a Service Provider rather than a Manufacturer. But, the difference lies in the effort to handle GST vs SST. GST would be a bit more complicated and requires more effort to handle, compared to its replacement, SST.

After lunch, I continued working on my reports and writing this blog.

Day #016 – Meeting the Terminal team

The morning started with me realizing that the battery of my car has gone flat! ๐Ÿ™ Luckily wife was still around to send me off to the nearest LRT station. After reaching to the office, was working on preparing an invitation letter for an organization to visit us at the CSIC.

After lunch, got the opportunity to speak to a representation of the Terminal team within Huawei. Terminal team is the guys that handle smartphone sales and so on. We had a discussion in understanding the steps taken by Huawei to bring up their brand up to a level of being reliable within the Malaysian market. Imagine, in 2018, Huawei was able to capture close to 45% of smartphone sales in Malaysia. That almost half of all mobile phones sold in Malaysia. If thats not a massive effort and recognition, I have no idea what else would be. ๐Ÿ™‚

Understanding what scope and tasks of the Terminal team…

We were also informed of the upcoming official launching ceremony of Huawei Mate 20 Series on 16th October 2018 in London. Apparently, the launch in Malaysia for the model would be on the 27+28th October 2018 in Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur! Can’t wait for it!

Excited to wait for this release!

Day #015 – Visiting MIDA@KL Sentral

Today, Huawei received an invitation to join the “Industry Outlook and Human Capital Requirements Within The Electrical and Electronics Sector” Interim Report presentation session as a panel. Ms. Rita from the PR department invited both myself and Dr. Laili to hop in and see if we can contribute in the discussion sessions as well as understand what is happening within the E&E sector.

We were there quite early, but the event was scheduled to start around 10.30. Mr. S. Sivasuriyamoorthy (MIDA) chaired the event where a consulting company called IPSOS presented their study results. It was a rather interesting presentation where I have managed to obtain several keypoints to take note.

Discussion between Mr. Siva and the consultants


  1. Vacancies are typically more towards the end of Q1 of a year (at least relevant to the E&E sector).
  2. Soft skills are lacking amongst the graduates. (Note: Gotta ensure this is addressed somehow!)
  3. ~20% of companies have not started with any form of automation. Why? Cost? Failure to find partners?
From left: Myself, Mr. Siva, Dr. Laili, and Ms. Rita

In the afternoon session, I was replying to some emails as well as getting some pending tasks done.

Day #014 – 1st Meeting with the PR team

The PR team had its first monthly meeting (attended by me) today. Four out of their five members attended the meeting where we both joined in as well. The venue of the meeting was in the San Francisco Coffee, Intermark Mall. When asked why is the meeting not done in the meeting rooms, the head, Ms. Vicky informed that they use the meeting rooms when they really have to use to present something. Otherwise, such monthly meetings within the PR department is held in some coffee shops. According to her, in a way, choosing such a location for their monthly meeting enables team bonding moments.

Points of the Day (POTD:)

  1. Integration or importance of team (or subordinates) invested in everything you do, as a leader
  2. Make it a point to remember key persons and memorize them. This improves your networking and interpersonal skills
  3. Remember that press releases are usually prepared upfront and often released immediately after the event (or at most a day after) to ensure quick dissemination of news of the event that took place
  4. Social Media Managers are a position that is sought after by many companies!
  5. When organizing an event, check on no-gift policies. You dont want to be in awkward situations would you?
  6. Huawei has been in the forefront in helping the government and the industries to progress by sharing their knowledge and expertise in policy making as well as knowledge transfer.

The remainder of the day, was spent writing progress reports.

(Re)Development of former Ampang Park Mall

Also, while going back home, I was looking at the demolition works of the famous Ampang Park mall. I remember eating in the McDonald restaurant at the side of it. Well, now all remains as memories only…